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Accesories mania

The everlasting McQueen scarf

Ray Ban sunglasses

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A style genious - Tavi

As tiny as she looks that big she is. Tavi is one of the biggest fashion bloggers out there and she's only 13 years old. If you are curious to see how great she is, check her blog out right here.

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Milla Jovovich by Carter Smith

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Lady Gaga - Chanel material

We have one more argument in the debate: Does Lady Gaga influence the fashion world? Well, recently non other than Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by Gaga's look for his 2010 haute couture collection.
The designer said he was inspired by the singer's gigantic hair bow she wore at the launch of VEVO in December.


A night at the ball - Harper’s Bazaar Russia



I had this bottle of whiskey and so i added some necklaces and a made a....vase and after that I f saw that my black and white street style postcard has a wishey bottle too:P


With grace - Taylor Momsen

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Take note for this summer

You see them everywhere on the foreign blogs, now we can't wait for the winter to be over and wear them too. Here are few of the coolest trends for this spring summer season:

1. The denim revolution

2. Must be seen socks

3. Boots

4. The sporty chick

Walk in a Chanel way

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