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Coco Avant Chanel

Finally we will se see a movie about a famous designer and not anyone, it's the film about the famous mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel played by Audrey Tatou, a perfect pick if we think at the physical appearance. The film is called Coco avant Chanel, it’s already on cinemas, and will soon appear in our cinemas.
Here is the trailer:

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mauvert spunea...

Sunt Claudiu(mauVErt)! ;) E posibil sa ma fi vazut astazi la FJSC pentru ca sunt student acolo. Data viitoare poate facem cunostinta... :)

Good Luck!

Gaia spunea...

I adore Chanel (but who doesn't???),I'm a fan of Audrey Tatou, I love fashion...I can't wait to see the movie. In the meanwhile I'm watching in loop the new Chanel advertising...Do you like it?

I did a post about that cooperation on my blog
come to visit me...

Thank you gaia

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