Victoria Beckham's Elle October shooting

Victoria Beckham covers Elle October 2009, and I think the cover is an eye catcher. I also love the outfits for the pictorial. I'm surprised that the shooting for October is so sunny and is shot in locations such as a swiming pool.

Here is a small piece of her interviw for Elle:

On the prices of her own dresses:

“Would I think twice about buying a dress that costs $2,000? Yeah! Of course I would. I’d try it on and go home and think about it before I bought it.”

On keeping herself busy with TV while David was away:

“I’ve done Nip/Tuck, Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice. Then I got into Gossip Girl. I’m beyond obsessed with that show.” ( Uuuu GG)

Source: www.elle.com

3 comentarii:

Mary spunea...

unul dintre singurele pictoriale realizate de victoria care imi place!!

Anonim spunea...

Mor când văd cât e de slabă!E enervant când revistele pentru femei promovează vedete anorexice, iar tinerele din ziua de azi ar face orice să ajungă la fel ca ele.
Victoria Beckham arata bine, dar ușor nesănătoasă.Când vom vedea vedete gen Kelly Clarkson pe coperta Elle?
I'm just sayin'.

Fashionista spunea...

Cheer up, a fost si Miley Cyrus care chiar nu e anorexica, Drew Berrymore, etc, chiar nu e o chestie de greutate;))

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