As a stylist for: Cea mai fericita fata din lume

As many of you know ,I want to become a stylist and i was lucky to have the opportunity to dress Andreea Bosneag for "Gopo Awards" . This was the first time when I dressed someone for such a big event.I've chosen a dress by Arina Varga and Mihaela Glavan shoes. For the final touch ,Stelly gave the clutch.

I wanted a dress in which Andreea could look really nice, so I've chosen a midi ,V naked dress according to her weight and body. I believe she looked really great in that night and I'm really happy she won the award for the Best newcomer (Tanara speranta). I hope that we'll work together again.

What do you think about the outfit?

5 comentarii:

broscutza zambareatza spunea...

The shoes are amazing:x:X:X

ionut spunea...

arata foarte bine! imi place!
bravo, princess! go go go! :)

FashionistaSil spunea...

Tx bitinel:-*

10ThMuse spunea...

felicitari si la mai multe! :)

FashionistaSil spunea...

tx eliza >:D<

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