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Whitney Port - "True Whit"

The actress and fashionista will be trying her hand at writing, preparing to release a book of advice for young women. The book will be called “True Whit” and will see the light of day later on. In it, the star promises to offer women the same age as her advice on how to get over the little daily crisis, backed by her own experience. Since she’s been in the spotlight for quite a few years now, Port should know the do’s and don’ts in many fields, from fashion to makeup and even etiquette – or at least, that’s what we might believe from her writing the book.

(What a title....)

Lauren Conrad - ,,L.A Candy"
The book, a young-adult novel is the first in a three-book series about a girl, Jane Roberts, who moves to Los Angeles and finds fame on a reality show. "It was such a compliment to be included in something with such established names," Conrad added of her appearance on the list.

It wasn't enough, wait for it

Lauren Conrad - ,,Sweet little lies"

The 'reality' tv star has just released her second novel, titled Sweet Little Lies. This is the sequel to her debut novel LA Candy which told the story of a group of girls made famous by reality TV show on the PopTV network. Basically her life in the guise of a fictional novel. (OMG!)

Kelly Cutrone - ,,If you want to cry, go outside"
ounder of the very successful PR firm, People’s Revolution, Kelly is one of the major players in the New York fashion scene. She was the boss of Whitney and Lauren and now she has launched a book. In her book, Cutrone shares anecdotes from her personal and professional life to show not only how she has succeeded in business but also as a single mom.

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