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Outfit inspiration

source: french frosting

French connections fall 2010 - A clever add campaign as usual

source: fashioninsing


Never enough

source: fashion copious

Let's play with Chanel lego lipstick

Not enough Chanel products? Oh well now you have one that is sexy and fun but I don't know how usefull is it, here is the lego Chanel lipstick

source: highsnobette

Hot piece - Animal print camera bag

Want want want

source: fashion canvas

And that's the way the precious material rocks

source: gofugyourself

Mix&Match - Mary Kate Olsen

source: olsen anonymous


I simply love Elle september cover

I ♥ fashion, I ♥ Chanel, clothes, accesories and of course I ♥ Elle. This month cover, witch is brillant, especially chromaticly speaking made me do an inspirational ensemble

Scarf - New Yorker
Necklace - Handmade
Bow ring - Meli melo
Silver ring - Vintage
Skull earings - Moa
Bracelet - New Yorker
Belts - Vintage


Kesha-Gaga ...Gaga-Kesha

Wick one has the crazies outfits lately?

Crazy, crazy, crazy, they go crazy

photos: go fug yourself, just jared

Bershka Fall 2010 Ad Campaign

It's funny, it's crazy and looks really yummy, it's the new fall collection from Bershka. I love all of the creative and cute ideas of this pictorial and the trendy mixex for the outfits, especially the one with the Statue of Liberty look alike crown and the one's with the cupcakes, wich one is your favorite?

source: fashioninsing
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