Alexander Mc'Queen "Plato's Atlantis" SS 2010 shoes

Alexander Mc'Queen has shoked all the fashion world by this new-concept reptilian-dinosaur looking shoes in the SS2010 show for Paris fashion week.

3 comentarii:

TheDreamer spunea...

These shoes are very different, as a statement, whatever you want to call it.
They aren't that ugly, but in my opinion they don't bring to a women's leg anything sensual,special, beautiful or cute. And just to show people I wear and I afford myself McQueen shoes, would be stupid.

My opinion.

Fashionista spunea...

Da nu avantajeaza prea mult un picior sunt facuti strict ca sa socheze, de aceea prima data cand i-am vazut m-am gandit unde ar putea purta o vedeta asemena pantofi si m-am gandit ca intr-un video, un shotting cel mult un red carpet.

addicted spunea...

Damn, my foot hurts!!Si mi-a fost deajuns doar sa-i vad :)
Crazy, crazy.. crazy.

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