The picture of the day - How far will you go for a Chanel bag?

My question: What's your dream bag?

5 comentarii:

TheDreamer spunea...

The last pic on the last post on my blog is my dream bag.
Bright pink Chanel bag.
It has it all!

And maybe if I'll get to work in fashion, or even if I don't and get to have some cash:), I would buy my first Chanel.
Until then I'll dream and love my vintage Chanel.

PS: And yours?:D

TheDreamer spunea...

* yours..I mean fav:)

Fashionista spunea...

E cute Chanelul roz, eu una am vise mai mari, o sa razi cel mai mult imi doresc un Hermes Birkin bag;))

TheDreamer spunea...

Tu esti femeie mai serioasa, atunci:D

Mary spunea...

not that far!!

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