The brillant Matthew Rolston

Matthew Rolston is an American fashion photographer and music video director known for R&B and pop videos. As a photographer he makes photo shoots for celebrities, he is a fashion and an advertising photographer and he makes the covers for The Rolling Stone magazine. Rolston's work appears in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar or Marie Claire. His work is published in books like "Beauty Light: Pictures at a Magazine" or "Big Pictures: A book of Photographs". Matthew directed succesful videos sush as: "Backstreet Boys- The shape of my heart", "Destiny's Child - Bootylicious", "Mary J Blige- Be without you" , "Christina Aguiliera- Candyman" or "Sugababes- Push the button". I love his work, he makes incredible photos in wich the characters are happy, dynamic, hot, natural and they are put in original situations.

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