Video style: Lady gaga screams fashion in Bad Romance

We found out who can pull out such extravagant shoes as the ones made by Alexander McWQueen for the new season. The Gaga queen wore 2 pair of this fabulous shoes, and looked amazing, she is the IT celebrity, a trendsetter and always anticipating everything. Of course, she’s' original to, and she proved her self so many times and this time she shocked more. The new video is a combination between insanity, luxury fashion, creepiness and extravaganza. And what do u think about the stuffed bear? Only Gaga can wear such an outfit and not look hot in it. My favorite scene is the one when she's surrounded by many crystals. The end is the most creepy part and the only question remaining is: What will Gaga do next? Many original things, because her imagination is never ending, I declare Gaga my current favorite artist, go Gaga.

Whatch the faboulous video:

Lady Gaga - Bad romance

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