From a little girl to a rock-chic fashionista - Taylor Momsen

When she was little she got different nominees as the young artist or the newcomer for her role in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Now she's one of the stars in the popular Gossip Girl series as the character Jenny. She can dance ballet, jazz, hip-hop and modern and she plays the electric guitar. When she doesn't act she tours with her band "The Pretty Reckless", a post-grunge band where she plays as vocals. She is a singer, an actress and a model at IMG models, and she does the three of them very well, go Taylor.

"I like fashion a lot. I like Pucci for all the patterns. I love vintage but I also love modern style. I mix everything. I have my own style, rather than having a stylist" sais Taylor.

The pretty reckless - "Blender"

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ZikPot spunea...

The best place for music fans to vote for their favorite music artists is finally here.

A Dreamer spunea...

She's nice and she's lucky to be able to have her own style, wich is awesome!

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