Video style: Beyonce ft. Lady gaga - Video phone

You take The beauty and the beast as in this photo


a song from Beyonce - Video phone wich has a preview in ,,Diva"

Two sexy divas


Beyonce looks great in this video, I like her new hairstyle, her outfits and of course her attitude, but the sexy diva attitude doesn’t fit Gaga. Sure you can make the two girls dance a Beyonce style choreography and you obtain a Gaga that isn't as great as she is.
Beyonce shines like a Diva like she is, and Gaga is for the first time not in the spotlight because the crazy singer can be a fashionista, a trendsetter, a loonatic, an original, kinky, a role player but not as hot as Beyonce:P

Here is the video:

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