Charts, tops and ratings of the last decade

I love charts, especially when they gather a whole 10 years period. I found all sorts of last decade tops around the Internet and this are the most fun and interesting ones:

1. Worst of the worst: Counting down the worst reviewed movies of the last decade by rottentomatoes.com. You can find the chart here.
I haven't heard of many of this films, I saw some trailers for this movies, the chart is good and funny. I saw 11 movies from this list and I think some of this are quite good:)

2. Top100: Hot songs of the decade by Billboard.com, the entire top here.
The songs of the last year take the first position, I like best the 11-20 songs, those songs are some of my all time favorites.
P.S - You will find also such tops as the hottest singers ( Alicia Keys at 3rd position wtf), or top 100 artist of the last decade.

3.Top Rated "2000s" Titles by imdb.com, the top is here
The chart is made from the votes of the readers of Imdb and I think the rating for Inglorious Basterds is to big.

4. Best Books of the Decade: 2000's by goodreads.com, you can find the top here
The top is made by the ratings of the readers.

5. The 100 Best Films of the Decade by the Times magazine
Art house or Blockbuster? Juno or Jason Bourne? Is The Bourne Supremacy really better than Brokeback Mountain? And if Finding Nemo made it, what the hell happened to Shrek? all here

6. The best dressed women of the last decade by vogue.com, you cat still vote here and choose the best dressed celebrities for Red carpets or different events over the last decade, year by year.

7. The best TV series of the ’00s by avclub.com, here

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