The pretty side of Lady Gaga - Barbie Gaga

It seems that the Lady Gaga Barbie doll is prettier that the singer itself. The outfits, make-ups or hairstyles of the doll are really well composed and it looks like the doll is a true mini version of the famous singer. They say that the most beautifull girl is Barbie, and in this case the Barbie doll is clearly perfect. This Barbie is made by the doll designer Doll designer Veik 11.

source: glossymagazine.ro

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10ThMuse spunea...

Sarbatori fericite si tie, Silvia! :)

lala spunea...
Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de administratorul blogului.
BaDatBeiNgGoOd spunea...

cuute .stiu ce-ti iau de ziua ta :))

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